Construction Materials International (CMI), was founded in 1995, with the aim to introduce American building products for export, by providing international sales management and representation to U.S. based corporations in the worldwide markets. Through a competent and experienced sales team, CMI has developed successful avenues for products to enter and grow in foreign markets.

CMI’s sale of building materials includes product sourcing, export packaging, loading containers, documentation preparation and shipment to our client’s port of final destination. Our aim is to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations at no extra cost, for customer satisfaction. Therefore, our clients are not only getting the best building products, but also an outstanding all-inclusive service.


That our building materials and services be known and sold in every market in the world; and that our clients are satisfied and without concerns, because they are acquiring the best construction products for reliable and endurable construction, trusting in an experienced export company and extraordinary team.


Build long-lasting commercial relationships with our clients and manufacturers, through a very low cost, efficient, professional and reliable service.

Value Proposition:

  • Response time (within 24 hours)

  • Top quality building products

  • Knowledge of our building products portfolio

  • Experience in logistics and exports (we also have the required permits)

  • Excellent prices in materials delivered to final destination

  • Ethical business dealings

  • Great and close relationship with our customers (buyers and manufacturers)

  • Experienced and well trained personnel focused on excellence