Exceptional quality Southern Pine Wood Utility Poles with Wolmanized CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) 50 year pressure-treatment warranty protection against termites/decay and/or Wolmanized CCA-ET (Chromated Copper Arsenate + Hydrocarbon Oil Emulsion Treatment) providing an extra outer layer coating to enhance Climb Ability. Manufactured in the Continental USA by the Ace Pole Company, available with optional pre-drilled guideline holes and guaranteed to be clean-to-the-touch, so Ace CCA Poles are a good choice where contact with skin or clothing is likely.

Non-Treated Utility Poles

Poles from natural Pine timber, that have ARCH Chemicals ANTIBLUE XP, to control sap-stain, mold and fungal decay. Available as Greenwood (non-kiln dried) or Whitewood (kiln dried).


Wolmanized CCA Poles

Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), is a chemical preservative that has been formulated to give the wood resistance against termites and fungi; it helps to keep the wood clean, odorless, stain-free and prolonging its life.


Wolmanized ET Poles

Wolmanized ET poles, are CCA pressure treated and coated with an outer layer of a hydro-carbon oil emulsion, which increases the climbing ability, lowers corrosion, prolongs the life-span and facilitates sawing, drilling or nailing.