Export for Manufacturers

Every market has unique challenges and opportunities for Building Materials. Working with CMI as your strategic commercial partner, will help your manufacturing company reach new markets and find customers internationally.

It is true that globalization and the Internet have made the world smaller, but this doesn’t necessarily reflect in an increase to your sales. In order to access international markets with success, you need to choose the appropriate marketing strategy:

  1. Be familiar with the culture, local customs and trade requirements.
  2. Knowledge of local product requirements and experience in the logistics necessary to penetrate the International markets. This requires sales, and marketing that entails staff and time.

Working with CMI will give your company the opportunity and expertise to reach the international markets without the additional expense and time necessary to achieve success. CMI as your export arm will allow you to focus on manufacturing your high quality building products and leave the international sales, marketing, delivery and finance to us.

CMI has over 60 years’ experience in world-wide door-to-door logistics, we have distributors and select agent representatives in many countries with whom we have close relationships to grow your international sales.

Contact us to discuss an opportunity to create a long-lasting commercial relationship.